Clearwater Lake - Life on a Private Lake

Looking at the lake from Lot 13
The loons are a common site on the lake
Brilliant fall sunset from Lot 53
A hard sand bottom can be found all the way around the lake
Most summers the lake has new young eagles. They're even more to watch fun than the mature ones.
The water is so clear I had to toss a rock to show that it's water and not sand
Morning fog on Loon Song Point
Sunny day from the North Shore
Sunset picture taken from Lot 88
A sunset when constructing the "Stone House"
A Fall evening from the Northeast bay.
The young eagles will land right next to you sometimes
Kayaks and Canoes are a great way to take in the pristine natural beauty
Fall picture taken near the outlet
Clear water and fabulous homes are identifying features of the lake
There is just something refreshing about being in clean water
Another fantastic home on the lake
West side sunset
The loon performing for the camera
The clean water makes fish watching a fun game
Another lake home
Lake aerial in the winter
Loon on the water
Sunset from the boat
Lake house
Winter view of the lake
Another pic of the sand bottom shoreline and clear water
Lake house tucked neatly into the woods
Lots of big large and small mouth bass in the lake
It's always fun to see the baby loons in the spring
Fall on the Golf Course
Home on the North side
Fall picture of Coca-Cola Lake
Bright sunny day on the west side
Fall colors
Great spot to unwind at the end of the day
More loon action
Fog on the water during fall
Evening setting in on Bonita Point
Another great lake house
Lots of wild berries on the property, some aren't for consumption though
Fog on Loon Song Point
Another picture of the clear water of this spring fed lake
Early fall from the bay on Memory Lane
Aerial from the Northeast part of the lake
Musky sunning herself in the spring
A Loon Song sunset
Mature eagles are around year round
Fall colors on the golf course
Fall fog from the north side of the lake

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