Clearwater Lake is a 356 acre spring fed lake with a hard sand bottom and five miles of shoreline. The water has remarkable clarity and rich color. The shoreline areas are hard sand bottom. Numerous natural springs allow for the lake level to remain consistent even during heavy droughts. Home owners enjoy outstanding fishing, relaxing boat rides and an abundance of wildlife on this rare and spectacular lake. The two smaller lakes that are part of the property are known as Coca-Cola Lake and Bass Lake. Bass Lake is connected to Clearwater lake by a small channel that fishing boats can get through, while Coca-Cola like is connected by a culvert.

Lake: Size: Max Depth: Average Depth:
Clearwater Lake 356 Acres 48 feet 21 feet
Bass Lake 12 Acres 16 feet 13 feet
Coca-Cola Lake 6 Acres 15 feet 12 feet

Clearwater Lake is a place where achieving balance between fun and relaxation is the goal. To meet this goal, some restrictions have been placed on the time allowed for boating activity. For clarification purposes: By boating hours we mean watersking, tubing, or just making a wake around the lake, etc. A lot owner can fish, go for pontoon boat rides, or take a leisurely cruise around the lake at any time.

Clearwater Lake Boating Hours:

9am - 6pmBoats
12pm - 4pmJet Skis

The fishing on the lake is pretty incredible. Trophy sized fish are caught on a regular basis. The lake has a large bait fish population, great sub-surface bio-diversity, excellent structure and very low fishing pressure allowing the fish to grow to great sizes. One of the great parts about the lake being for lot owners only is that the fishing committee can set their own rules to manage the fish population how they best see fit. A map showing the lake depths is shown below.

Whether you are looking for that perfect sand frontage, gorgeous sunset views, a level approach to the water, or a great fishing hole right off your dock, there is a lot for you on Clearwater Lake. While there is no better way to view the property than to set up an appointment and take a tour, I've highlighted some of our special lots below to whet your appetite. Just click on the picture to view more detailed information about the lot.

What makes owning a lot on Clearwater Lake different than other lake lots in Northern Wisconsin is that you're getting so much more than just a gorgeous lake lot. Yes, most lots have beautiful sand frontage. Yes, there are wooded lots that are suitable for an exposed basement. Yes, there are lots with sunset views. And yes, you could be in paradise without ever leaving your lot. However, there is also the Clearwater Lake experience the comes with all of the lots and only adds to your enjoyment of the property (and the value of your lot). At Clearwater Lake ALL of the lots are private. There are private roads that service the development so there will never be much traffic, just the neighbors driving to and from their homes. There are no off water lots so there are no unsightly homes to disrupt the natural beauty on the scenic drive to your lot. There are architectural guidelines in place to ensure all the lake homes are nice, eye-appealing, quality built homes. Lastly, and most importantly, there are 700 acres of common area that you own. At the very least, it serves as a buffer area to the public. If you want to take full advantage of the common area there are countless ways to do so. Too cold to be swimming? Step out of your front door and go take a walk or a bike ride on the trails around the property. Enjoy the fresh air, pick some wild blueberries, watch the wildlife. There are miles of paths around the development that are there for you to explore without even leaving your own property! There is also access to the Three Eagle Trail where you can extend your walk or bike ride down to Three Lakes or up to Eagle River. Have Dogs? Take them to the Park Areas and let them run and play. Want to entertain friends? Take them out to the golf course for a fun round on the private course. No need to make a tee time or limit yourself to just a foursome, just go and play. Yes, Clearwater Lake itself is one of the most beautiful, clean, and pristine lakes you will ever see, but what really makes the Clearwater Lake Development a spectacular place to own a lot is the additional privacy and the common land. The opportunities to enjoy the property are endless and right outside your door.

Feel free to Contact Me if you have questions regarding any of the lake lots or if you would like to set up a time to take a tour of the lots, the lake, and the property. We'd be happy to show you around.

One of the many things that sets Clearwater Lake apart from all other places to live is the 700 acres of shared use common property. The 700 acres of beautiful property is for the exclusive use of lake lot owners and no outside access is allowed. Lake lot owners will enjoy unlimited and private access to Clearwater Lake, Bass Lake, Coca-Cola Lake, a private 9 hole golf course, multiple parks, and miles of scenic walking trails.


The 40+ acres of parks at Clearwater Lake are wonderful open spaces that serve as a great place to go for a walk, exercise pets, play some frisbee, or simply gather with friends and family for a relaxing picnic. The parks at Clearwater Lake are in areas that allow members to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

"Golf Course"

We put quotation marks around golf course because it is not the type of course you would find if you typed golf course into google. Click here for more information on our "Golf Course" While not a manicured beauty, our 9 hole private course for Clearwater Lake Club members is a 2,750 yard par 35 natural beauty. This challenging course is located off of Memory Lane on the northwest portion of the club property. The course was designed with fun in mind. You will find double dog legs, big ponds and plenty of opportunities to cut corners by going over trees. Bring your friends, some drinks, even your pets if you'd like and you will have a blast!

Private Roads

Inside the massive gated entrances, private blacktop roads service the property. The gated entrance in conjunction with private roads assures owners of lake lots on Clearwater Lake a level of privacy that can not be matched anywhere else. They are also a great, safe spot for a walk, a jog, a bike ride, or a golf cart ride. The blacktop roads are set back 700 feet from the water wherever possible to make sure owners on Clearwater Lake do not have to ever worry about road noise.

Walking Trails

The Clearwater Lake Club has miles of scenic trails that are great for walking, running, biking, or a ride on the golf cart. Owners can walk for miles without ever leaving the comfort of their own property. In the winter time, snowshoeing on the trails and on the golf course is a great way to get some exercise.

Three Eagle Bike Trail

Bike riding enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy winding through the forest and crossing the wooden bridges of this beautiful 8.5 mile community bike trail. A portion of the trail passes through the Clearwater Lake club property, providing easy access to Clearwater Lake homeowners.