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   Welcome to Northern Wisconsin's only private lake community with exclusively single family lake front homes. The Clearwater Lake Development is the most spectacular lake property you will ever find. This new, completely private development is located five minutes south of Eagle River, Wisconsin. The development covers more than 1,200 acres which includes the beautiful 350 acre Clearwater Lake. The lake is a spring fed, 50 foot deep lake with a hard sand bottom, crystal clear water and an amazing fishery. The lots are exclusively waterfront lots and are surrounded by a buffer zone of over 700 acres of common property owned by the lake association. The common property around the lots includes miles of trails, a nine hole golf course, large park areas and more. While this set up is great for those who want peace and quiet or for those looking for a safe, sheltered spot to enjoy their family, it certainly isn't for everyone. If you're looking to spend your days racing jetskis up and down the shorelines or want a lake with a lot of activity, Clearwater is not a spot that will appeal to you. There are hundreds of great lakes in Northern Wisconsin to choose from and I would be glad to help you find a spot on another more suitable lake through my Real Estate Website. For those that are into the more laid back private type of lake front living the question I will try to answer on the site is what makes Clearwater Lake special. The links above offer more information about the lake as well as some pictures and videos that show what life on the lake is like. The text below offers a quick summary of the development if you are short on time. If you have any questions that I fail to answer on the site, feel free to contact me by phone or email and I will be glad to help you out.

What Makes Clearwater Lake Unique?


   Clearwater Lake is a private 1,270 acre lake community located five miles south of Eagle River, Wisconsin. The lake, the lots, the roads and the property are all completely private. The privacy ensures lot owners that they will be able to enjoy the beautiful property in peace and quiet. While there are many lakes in Northern Wisconsin, there are none of this size that have remained private. A lake lot on large, private lake with pristine water and great fishing in addition to 700 acres of land to roam around on is something a person simply can not find anywhere else.

A Clean Start

   The Clearwater Lake development started with a blank slate. The clean slate allowed restrictions to be put in place to ensure that the homes built on the lake are high quality custom lake homes (not restricted to cookie cutter plans). There are also rules in place to make sure the lake isn't an all-night motorboat highway. Boating hours end at 6pm and Jet Skis are limited to beteen noon and 4pm. The development of the land is restricted to only lake front homes. No off-water lots means a permanent buffer zone to the rest of the world and a limited number of users for the more than 700 acres of common area.

Room to Roam

   While many lake lots in Northern Wisconsin are a one acre parcel on a crowded lake next to a public road, Clearwater Lake is completely different. In addition to your beautiful lake lot on Clearwater Lake, you will have unrestricted access to Bass Lake and Coca-Cola Lake as well as more than 700 acres of shared common property. The common property includes a private 9 hole golf course, large parks, and miles of walking and biking trails. All lake lot owners on Clearwater Lake are able to use the common property and amenities as their own. The 700+ acres of common property between the waterfront lots and the edge of the property also serves as a buffer that separates the beautiful lake lots from the rest of the world, ensuring Clearwater Lake Club members that they will be able to enjoy their Northern Wisconsin paradise without unwanted disruptions.

Excellent Location

   The lake is located just 5 minutes from Eagle River. So while you will live on a lake so pristine that it feels like you are in the middle of Canada, you will only be 5 minutes away from the grocery stores, hardware stores, and a bunch of wonderful restaurants. The Eagle River area has also been selected by Where To Retire magazine as one of America's top retirement locations. In addition to being a great place to retire, Eagle River and Three Lakes offer fine dining and numerous small shops.

Outstanding Fishing

   Clearwater Lake has always been a privately owned lake with no public access which has allowed the fish population to grow to staggering proportions. With an abundance of pan fish and bait fish comes trophy sized muskie, northern pike, walleye, trout, and both large and small mouth bass. Wake hours on the lake give fisherman time in the mornings and evenings to fish without having to watch for a ski boat, although with a small number of lot owners and numerous quiet bays, that is never a problem on Clearwater Lake anyway.